Summary of the South African Social Security Agency Act, no. 9 of 2004


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This Act provides for the establishment of the South African Social Security Agency, a body that ensures the efficient and effective management and payment of social security grants.

The Agency’s objectives are to see to it that social assistance payments are administered efficiently and effectively, and to oversee the services relating to the payment of grants. It collects and files all the beneficiary information necessary for the payment of social security in a national database. It puts systems in place to prevent fraud and to protect beneficiaries’ information. There are a number of rules that govern the functioning of the agency, particularly the appointment and conduct of staff and the agency’s use of funds. For example, the CEO can only serve for a five-year period and the agency must be audited annually by the Auditor-General. In addition, heavy penalties apply to staff members who bribe or accept bribes in connection with services.

For more information, see the full Act.

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