Dependants' benefits from the UIF


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[edit] Description

Spouses or children of workers who passed away can claim benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). For more information contact the Department of Labour.

[edit] Steps to follow

  • Before dependants can claim, they must get the following documents ready:
    • dependant’s 13-digit bar-coded ID or passport;
    • deceased’s 13-digit bar-coded ID or passport;
    • form UI-19;
    • marriage certificate (for spouses)
    • lobola letter (for traditional marriages)
    • affidavit (for life partners)
    • birth certificates (for children)
    • proof of schooling (for children between 21 and 25); and
    • death certificate of the deceased.
  • Dependants must go to the nearest labour centre themselves and hand in the documents. Staff at the labour centre will help them with all the processes and give them more information.
  • Staff at the labour centre may ask dependants to visit the labour centre at certain times. Workers should do what they ask; otherwise they may not be able to claim.

[edit] Legal framework

The Unemployment Insurance Act

[edit] Service standard

Once the UIF receive the application, they will process it and pay a lump sum.

[edit] Cost

The service is free.

[edit] Forms to complete

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