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Because Open Source software isn't normally installed with most users' PCs, there are often many questions about what Open Source is, how it works, and of course: Is it really free?

Here are a few FAQs about Open Source which help to clarify what Open Source is:

Why use Linux?

Its better than other operating systems.

Okay, to qualify that: Linux does just about everything a Windows or OS X machine can do, and then some. The only limitations Linux has, is that certain proprietary software has not yet been ported to run on Linux. Many of the benefits of using open source software apply directly to the benefits of Linux. In addition to these benefits, Linux is widely renown for it's stability and reliability. Versatility is another feature of Linux which other operating systems find hard to beat. Linux can be installed with a tiny footprint, using minimal resources or as a full blown system with fancy graphical user interface. Linux is easy to manage both locally and remotely through a secure connection. Its overall program structure allows for a phenomenal amount of control over all elements of the system. All in all, Linux is possibly the most powerful and complete operating system available today.