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Because Open Source software isn't normally installed with most users' PCs, there are often many questions about what Open Source is, how it works, and of course: Is it really free?

Here are a few FAQs about Open Source which help to clarify what Open Source is:

If it's free, why do I need you guys?

Although open source software is mostly gratis, one still requires a fair amount of specific technical knowledge to make it work. Some programs, like Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice.org are straight forward to set up and run. Others like Sendmail or Apache are not that easy to set up in a safe and secure way.

To put it simply, we:

  • evaluate your business environment
  • guide you in the use of appropriate software
  • install and administer the software
  • provide related development and implementation services

OSS Africa provides installation, configuration and maintenance services for many open source products. See Products & Services.