o s s africa

:: What we do

O S S Africa is a leader in open source software installation, maintenance and consulting.

We offer small and medium enterprises the power and functionality of large corporations at a fraction of the cost.

O S S Africa uses open source software because it works. In every way.

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:: Client Case Study

Continental Fan Works

CFW specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial fans and related products.

They needed to transfer their huge stock, labour and expense management systems to an intranet, for ease of use, and for more accurate job costings.

We set up an intranet system, using PHP5 which included the ability to access data entered in their Great Plains database, and to generate reports.

Their job costings are now accurate, easily updateable, and take into account all factors with ease.

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:: What is Open Source?

  • Open Source is non-proprietary software.
  • It is developed so that upgrades are free, and so that you choose your third-party software.
  • The most famous Open Source software is Linux, an Open Source operating system, Windows and Mac OS X, just better.
  • Open Source software is developed by people who use the software -- imagine Word written by someone who actually uses Word!
  • Open Source software is virus resistant -- Windows has over 60 000 viruses; Linux has about 40.
  • Open Source software is working for you right now -- 69% of web pages are served by Apache Open Source web server.

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